Think you know me? Think again…LOL

**Think you know me? Think again…LOL
Here are some random facts about me. All are true except one. Can you spot the false statement? All winners will be given a free ebook (in your preferred format) of Illumination, the EVE series, book 4, and placed into a drawing for a Grand Prize of an ecopy of the entire EVE series! Contest ends Sunday at midnight (PST). Winners will be announced on Monday. Good Luck!!

1. My biggest pet peeve is having to take a cold shower.
2. I am a grandmother.
3. I have lived in Indiana, California, Texas, and Arizona.
4. As a child I had a speech therapist for years because I couldn’t pronounce most words correctly. Even now when I give presentations at schools and Universities I will rearrange an entire sentence or paragraph to avoid having to pronounce certain words for fear people will notice my speech impediment.
5. I am comfortable speaking in front of 500 people but book signings make me a nervous wreck.
6. I have been pulled over 46 times for speeding, following too closely, etc., and have only ever gotten one ticket in the last 26 years! (Knock on wood!!)
7. Six rural communities went to my high school and we still barely had a hundred kids in my graduating class.
8. I was in the U.S. Marine Corps.
9. I own my own marketing firm.
10. Guns and Roses was my favorite 80s band.
11. I can write with both hands.
12. My natural hair color is a dark strawberry blond that I hate and try to hide it.