The Expert Lounge

expert lounge (2)

I am so excited to announce that today I am going to be featured on the Expert Lounge , an international radio show based here in Phoenix. We’re going to talk about my EVE series, my With Honors series, as well as my new erotica series, the Trice Burned series and my upcoming spin-off to my EVE series, the Spirit Quest series.

Plus, we are going to talk a little about J.A.K. Inc., and social marketing and being able to find that niche in your target audience. We’re also going to touch on the challenges that it involves and some techniques to overcome come.I saw a lot of disabled people more than you would thing and they all had tech enhancements like to help them out.

And finally I’m going to talk about my new release, Making the Dean’s List, the second book in my With Honors series and new podcast show … The Sex-Pert Lounge that will be featured on You Tube and my author website where I will finally answer the thousands of questions that my readers have sent me since What I Really Learned in College debuted a couple years ago.

It’s going to be exhilarating, fun, and always entertaining. So tune in for all the latest juicy details of this exciting journey. And besides … knowing me, there’s sure to be some embarrassing antics that follow along!