My first published poem…Alone

Ever since I mentioned in a previous interview that I had a poem published years ago, back in 2003, I have gotten numerous emails from readers asking to read it. So, please humor me for a moment. Take a deep breath and envision a cold room, bright florescent lights beating down upon you and the smell of bleach burning your nose. There’s a gray overcast sky, a light drizzle is blanketing the world outside and time had ceased its forward motion. That was the setting in which this poem was written…Ninth Grade Practical Science Class!

This poem was not written out of some hidden teenage angst. I was not and am not glorifying suicide, not by a long shot… This poem was born out of sheer boredom, nothing more. The words fell together, more or less, because they rhymed. I wish there was some long, insightful message, but there isn’t. However, people have fallen in love with its mournful tone of a love lost. Please, do not misinterpret this or search for some hidden meaning…there honestly isn’t one. Take it for what it is…nothing more, nothing less.

With all that being said, here it is…


She stands there holding his picture,
Shaking and shivering.
Remembering the way it was.
Tears pour down her face with no end.
They could have tried to work it out,
Deep in her heart she knows.
She still loves him with all her heart.
Her whole world began with him.
Now that he was gone,
Her life was at an end.
She couldn’t go on living in the past.
Changing in her mind,
The day she never thought,
Would be their last.
She picked up the gun,
And the tears came harder.
Wishing with all her heart,
Someone would stop her.
She pulls the trigger,
Then falls to the floor.
A life without love,
She wouldn’t worry about,

Published in Sounds of Poetry, 2003
~Author, Angela L. Marsh