Monday Morning

Overslept alarm…not because it didn’t go off but because I have an intimate relationship with the snooze button, especially on Monday mornings. Drag my-still-half-asleep-self to the kitchen, start the coffee, take care of other personal business before collapsing back on my bed already exhausted and wishing I had another four hours minimum of sleep.

Of course that’s not going to happen.

Lazily go through my morning routine…blah, blah, blah. Jump in the car ten minutes after the time I’m supposed to leave the house to join the thousands of commuters within the Phoenix area…and only then to I realize that I left my lunch at home.

Yep, it’s Monday morning!

Phoenix rush hour traffic…I will never complain about the traffic in Indianapolis again. Phoenix kicks it up a whole new level of insanity and for whatever reasons its patrons cannot understand the HUGE signs stating ‘This Lane Ends XXXX Feet’. No of course not, because it makes much more sense to race down that lane when the adjacent lane is crawling along, to cut someone off right when their lane ends…yeah, people are thrilled to let you jerks in when we’ve been sitting the in same lane for twenty minutes crawling along at 5mph!! Therefore it takes me seventy minutes to drive the twenty-seven miles from my home to the office this morning. Yeah!

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And let’s not even go into the icing on the cake for my weekend. I got up early on Saturday morning, cleaned and organized the house, and did three loads of laundry, folded and put them away. So I thought I would treat myself to lounging around in the pool for the afternoon and soak up a little sun since I hadn’t been out there in the last couple weeks. Needless to say I fell asleep on the raft for a good four hours, and only woke up because I rolled over and fell into the pool. Talk about a rude awakening! And to say I’m a little sunburnt is a mild understatement…and I had a really great tan to begin with.

My body is burnt, my face is beet red, and I get the pleasure of sitting in front of a computer for the next eight hours trying to put together a project proposal for a corporate cafeteria. But I’m not complaining, I really enjoy my job and I have a great group of co-workers that never let things get dull around the office. Hell, after years of searching I am ever so grateful to be working full time again.

But tonight after work I get to meet up with my roommate and several other friends at Alice Cooperstown in downtown Phoenix before we head over to the Rush Concert. I’ve never been to one of their shows before but they are my roommates favorite band.Plus, as she so eloquently puts it that, “I’m the type of person who could have fun at a funeral!” No, I’m not disrespectful, but I do believe in making the best out of any given situation. Anyway, it’s going to be a great night…just hope I can keep my eyes open until I get there cause there is not enough coffee in this world to light a fire under my sleepy rear this morning.