Crunch Time

The week’s almost half over and deadlines loom in the near distant future as we prepare the final pieces of putting Enlightened together. This is the exciting phase, but also the nail biting one because after this week, for better or worse, it goes to print!

I survived editing, stormed through proofing, and gotten the cover synopsis and quotes just right. My book manager, Christina is spending countless hours with various blog hosts setting up the blog tour, interviews and podcasts, etc,. The questions are pouring in and I’m doing be best to send them right back out. But after I close my laptop at the end of the day and all is quiet that’s when the smidgen of doubt creeps into my mind…should I have worded that phrase differently? Should I have changed that sequence of events in that one chapter? This is the dreaded time between the final submission to the publisher and the ARC reviews sprout through the darkness.

Maybe it’s just me or perhaps every writer experiences these kinds of pangs in the pit of their stomach right before their new book hits the shelves. I’m honestly not sure. But I do know it’s a thrill that I love and have never experienced with anything else. It’s one thing to read your words on a screen, but it’s an entirely different one to hold them in your hands. Somehow, it makes them real…makes them come alive. I see my characters jump off the page and into the minds of my readers and I love it.

This was my dream and I am fortunate to have the opportunity to experience it. Thank you so much to all of you who have embraced the EVE series and allowed me the opportunity to entertain you with my words. I am just as anxious and excited as you are for the upcoming release of Enlightened next month and cannot wait for you to discover what comes next for Jocelyn and Jackson in book three, Perception, slated to be released this October. My wish is to continue to entertain you for many years to come.

Thanks again everyone and have a fabulous week!!