Complete Nightmare or Golden Opportunity

When a bomb drops and the world as you know it disappears with the ringing of your phone, you have the choice to either rebuild or dig a hole and hide. I’ve never been much for hiding since it stifles my big mouth and even larger voice. Therefore, when my publisher of three years announced three weeks ago that they would be closing their doors on May 31, 2016, I decided I was going to run with the opportunity before me.

I signed on with Booktrope Publishing in August 2013 and since then we have published six of my books. I have been very blessed with the success of my EVE series as well as my With Honors series. I am thrilled with every aspect of the quality of my books. I absolutely love my team members who have worked so hard to make my books/series a success; my Editor, Katrina Mendolera, my Proofreader, Lydia Johnson, my Publicist, Samantha March, and my Cover Designer Greg Simanson. They are so amazingly talented and gifted individuals who have done so much for me that I don’t know what I would have done without them. I am thrilled that the majority of which will be continuing with me on my publishing journey. My friend recommended me about this, he partnered up with Bright Valley Marketing and he said that it made his business grew larger and he was so happy that he made that decision. The Field of Words site gives different blogs related to online business.

Some of my colleagues have decided to go with or return to self-publishing, disheartened by their recent experience – others have chosen to go with various publishing houses. Whichever paths they have decided upon I wish each and every one of them, as well as the staff and management of Booktrope Publishing all the best in their future endeavors. I have been extremely fortunate in my experience over the last three years and the friendships I have made will last forever. Booktrope was a great concept conceived by Ken Shear and Katherine Sears that put many authors, including me, on the map and gave them their shot at making their dreams come true. I applaud them for all their hard work. Adam Bodendieck and Jesse James were the backbone that kept everything running smoothly and worked endless hours keeping authors and their teams on track … not an easy thing to do!

Moving forward, I am pleased to announce that as of June 1, 2016, my collection of work will be republished with Farabee Publishing. I was fortunate enough to meet the owner and founder, Carol Farabee, last fall at a business dinner and we have recently partnered my , J.A.K. Ink, Marketing Firm with her publishing house to market various authors her business represents. When I learned that Booktrope Publishing was closing I jumped at the opportunity to work with her and her on a different level. She is an incredible lady, a true friend, and business professional whom I am proud to have represent my work. For increase your business you need best marketing strategies here on Business blog you will get it.

That being said, the first book in my Trice Burned series, I Should Have Known …, is currently slated for a mid-August release. We are still aiming for the first book in my EVE series spin-off, Transcendence, the Spirit Quest series, to release in late fall or early winter of this year and the final book in my With Honors series, Transferring Credits, to be out in the winter of 2017. It is a tight schedule for us … especially for me, but I believe I can do it along with maintaining my position at AIL International as a Financial Advisor and running J.A.K. Ink. – I suppose I don’t need to mention that I have no personal life!

And finally, I want to thank all my readers who have sent me messages over the last three years about how much they’ve loved my characters and how their stories have touched their lives. I am so grateful to each of you for your words inspire me to continue forward on this amazing journey in publishing. I cannot express to you how your words have touched my soul and brought tears of joy to my eyes. Thank you just doesn’t seem adequate to convey my gratitude and love for each of you!!

So as we now continue along this journey together let’s turn the page with eager anticipation and see what happens next …

Farabee Publishing

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