Claiming Home

The door has been closed, bolt-locked and dang nearly nailed shut as the last of the holiday guests have finally made their way back to their respective homes. Out came the numerous empty boxes ready to be refilled with a household full of Christmas decorations for another year.

We took all the ornaments off the tree, six strands of lights, more tinsel than I care to think about and to which I know I will be vacuuming up until summer, and placed them all in the proper packaging once again. We vacuumed the house and tugged furniture back into place, changed sheets and folded four loads of towels. The leftovers are properly sealed in the refrigerator and the mountain of dishes are finally washed and put away. The holidays are officially over…thank goodness!

For us, at least, we do not return to work until Monday so we get a couple of days to unwind from the windfall and turbulence of hosting for the holidays. I cannot remember who said it but I must agree with them; “Guests and fish both stink after three days”. We had ours for seven and they actually left a day early to avoid the snowstorm that hit us yesterday. I love my family, I truly do, but sometimes it is nice to enjoy the peace of quiet of one’s own home before life kicks back in on Monday when work and school resumes.

Now that the house is back in order, calm and quiet once again, I can take a deep breath and relax. But of course, before I can, I have to run to the grocery store to pick up the essential odds and ends before the second wave of this storm brings us another 8 – 13 inches of snow on top of the six we already have. Good times!