Revising Transcendence

Ever since the release of Transcendence, the first book in the Spirit Quest series, the spinoff from the popular EVE series, I have been dissatisfied. I always felt it was unfinished, poorly written, and by far, the worst book I had created – and I am ashamed to have my name on it.

Therefore, I have decided to completely redo it. I’m going to tear it apart, dismantle it, and pull it down to its bones and start all over. I truly believe Sidney deserves that – and so do I. I want to tell her story as it should have been told initially – not the way I was ‘told’ it should be done to be ‘safe’.

Sidney’s story is raw, brutal, and at times – unpleasant because it is set in a time when the United States was being torn apart. So basically, not much different than today.

So, please be patient with me over the next couple months while I redo Transcendence and give Sidney’s story the justice it deserves and its proper telling. I will keep you updated and hopefully, I will have it out to you all by summer. Because I cannot move forward with the Spirit Quest series when the foundation for it is not only cracked, it’s shattered!

Texas Bound

The house is in utter chaos, nothing can be found, tripping over boxes and packing supplies I am doing my best to keep the end goal in mind – our new beautiful house on the hill surrounded by trees in Northeast Texas. Six years of living in the desert are enough for me. I miss the grass, trees, and the color green. I miss variety in architecture. I miss the feeling of living in and being a part of a community.

Phoenix offers none of those things. Yes, the sunsets are phenomenal – there is no denying that. But the absence of the little things that make a place feel like home do not seem to exist within the confines of the city. Perhaps being raised in a small town does not allow me to appreciate the hustle and bustle and anonymity of city life. But I know it is not for me.