And Then She Flew by Jen Labesky

untitledThe debut novel, And Then She Flew by Jen Labesky is a captivating page turner. Jen has displayed the raw understanding of the pain that comes from losing a parent(s) and how it can devastate the psyche of one so young. Her portrayal of Anna and her fear of loving someone again resonates with readers and anyone who has lost someone close to them either by death or simply the ending of a relationship. She demonstrates how difficult it can be to move forward and then shows the power of true love and friendship and how it can ultimately change your life.

Jen was kind enough to send me a copy of this book and I am so thankful she did. I truly enjoyed it and devoured it in a couple of days (it only took me that long because I was trying to attempt working on my own books, which I failed at miserably because I had difficulty putting hers down). I grew up with Jen in the small town of Brownsburg, Indiana where we started out in first grade together (I even threatened to post her first grade photo as her author pic, hehe). While life has taken us to opposite ends of the country, we have managed to maintain our friendship and actually have even grown closer. I am honored to call this new amazingly talented, upcoming writer, my friend.

Check out the synopsis and jump over to Amazon to pick up your copy. Believe me, you won’t be disappointed!!


On May 28, 1977, ten-year-old Anna Cunningham fell hard … hard. The night her parents were killed, her picture-perfect childhood was shattered, and her heart slammed shut.

Twenty-five years later, her psychology practice has stagnated, her love life consists of one-night stands with beer-bellied rednecks. She’s numb. She’s alone. And she’s okay with that – it’s safer that way. But when a quirky little girl named Sunshine barges into her life, Anna is catapulted into a journey she is not prepared to make.

As the Bloomfield Police scramble to catch a serial-rapist, and Anna’s patients struggle with demons of their own, Anna fights with all her power to stay in the safe, numb world she has created … but it seems little Sunshine has different plans.

And Then She Flew is a story of how life can shatter into a million pieces, splintering our wings. But with love, the pieces can come together again, and even broken wings can fly.

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