Revising Transcendence

Ever since the release of Transcendence, the first book in the Spirit Quest series, the spinoff from the popular EVE series, I have been dissatisfied. I always felt it was unfinished, poorly written, and by far, the worst book I had created – and I am ashamed to have my name on it.

Therefore, I have decided to completely redo it. I’m going to tear it apart, dismantle it, and pull it down to its bones and start all over. I truly believe Sidney deserves that – and so do I. I want to tell her story as it should have been told initially – not the way I was ‘told’ it should be done to be ‘safe’.

Sidney’s story is raw, brutal, and at times – unpleasant because it is set in a time when the United States was being torn apart. So basically, not much different than today.

So, please be patient with me over the next couple months while I redo Transcendence and give Sidney’s story the justice it deserves and its proper telling. I will keep you updated and hopefully, I will have it out to you all by summer. Because I cannot move forward with the Spirit Quest series when the foundation for it is not only cracked, it’s shattered!