I’m Smiling . . .

Thus far, 2020 has been challenging. When friends and family ask how I’m doing I grin and politely respond, “I’m smiling.”

I kicked off the new year in the hospital. Before the last celebratory balloon fell or glass of champagne drank, we had already hit our yearly deductible.

And I’m smiling.

I spent the first seven weeks of the year balancing between horrific pain, so I was lucid enough to do schoolwork and a hazy drugged up state just hoping for two hours of sleep. All the while battling bronchitis and strep throat. This was followed by surgery, torn internal stitches, and a baptism by fire introduction into menopause – night sweats and hot flashes!

While still recovering last night (and watching The Goofy Movie with my family and eating licorice), I broke my upper back tooth. I was beside myself with aggravation.

But I’m still smiling . . .

As I was sitting in the dentist chair today and talking with the insurance coordinator and updating my medical records, I chuckled when she remarked about how rough my year has been so far. Then I told her, it’s been a fabulous year and I feel so blessed.

My excruciating abdominal pain that initially hospitalized me was first thought to be appendicitis or ovarian cancer – it was a hemorrhagic cyst on my ovary. When it didn’t cooperate, the ovary and both fallopian tubes were removed, and no cancer was found. The bronchitis and strep throat made me finally quit smoking after 35 years and countless failed attempts. And I was so sick I couldn’t even indulge in overeating to compensate my oral fixation and since my fear of gaining weight was my biggest deterrent to quitting, I am thrilled. It’s been almost two months since I’ve had a cigarette. Also, my broken tooth, which I feared would need an expensive crown was simply a lost filling that only needed an inlay.

As for the torn internal stitches – unfortunately, that was just me being me. I’m not the best patient and I don’t know how to rest.

So, yes – I’m smiling!

This year may not be phenomenal. I haven’t won the lottery or hit the New York Times Bestseller List, but I am going into my Advanced Statistics final this week with a 98% in the class and anyone who knows me knows I have a slight mathematical disability so that in itself is a miracle!

And I have a husband who may be a little rough around the edges, but he is the most incredible man I have ever met. He is honorable and kind and makes me laugh every day. I love and adore him. Plus, my children and grandchildren are happy and healthy.

So, while I’m waiting to hear from the NY Times or win the Arizona state lottery, I’m going to continue loving life, treasuring my amazing family, feeling blessed, and as always – keep smiling.