Blending Families

     Getting remarried is not a decision to be taken lightly. There is much to consider, especially when there are children involved from a previous marriage. Not to mention the joys of the adjustment period where you are confronted with children who are less enthused about sharing your time and attention, not only with your new spouse, but also the child(ren) they bring into the marriage.

     Keeping your sense of humor and things in perspective is critical to surviving this period. You must laugh when life’s little moments take over and:

            ~the laundry breeds when you’re not looking

            ~you become an expert detective when four dogs are staring at you and you’re trying to see which one looks the guiltiest – ‘who peed on the floor?’

            ~bodily functions happen at the most inopportune moments

            ~sound travels, especially once the new hardwood floors have been installed

            ~deciding over one brand of TP or toothpaste can be a tug of war

            ~Slug – Bug turns into a vicious round of Mortal Combat, even on the shortest trips

            ~tickling someone is more fun than arguing with them

            ~property dividends end up being about closet space

            ~mutual assets include everything except the last cheese stick in the frig

            ~joint custody does not include bed covers

            ~realizing that while your new spouse may not be perfect, but they are perfect for you!

     Life is challenging on the best of days making it essential that you remember to laugh at yourself, kiss your spouse, hold your loved ones, spend time together, and treasure the silly things. Because they are the moments that make life special. They are the moments that make you a family.