Thanksgiving Weekend

The pounds of leftover turkey are sealed away in the refrigerator next to the green bean casserole, yams, mashed potatoes and stuffing. The relatives have departed back to their own respective homes and the house cleaned yet again. The frenzy of Black Friday shoppers returns home with their treasures. Another long Thanksgiving weekend has come to pass and everyone is a little worse for the wear.

Next comes the most joyous season of the year…or at least it should be and will be with the help of a great deal of Tylenol and eggnog. It is time to break out the Christmas decorations and cover the house in holiday cheer. Sounds simple enough right? One can only wish!

After thirty minutes spent disassembling the contents in the shed, the Christmas tree and the boxes of Christmas decorations are finally located and brought into the house. Then everything else has to be put back into the shed in an order that resembles organized chaos. The perfect spot for the tree is argued upon and finally decided (most people always erect their Christmas tree in the same place every year except when, as is our case this year, new furniture was purchased that makes the old location no longer a possibility). The tree is assembled. Then comes the fun part, digging out the dangled web of last year’s lights. One by one they are singled out and plugged in with the hopes that they may still work. And of course, only one of six does. Which ultimately leads to a run to the store for more lights because nothing can be put on the tree until the lights are.

A minimum of an hour later and irritated with other holiday shoppers, you return home and the festive excitement of putting up the tree has long since passed. Strand by strand the lights wind up the tree and the glorious glow fills the room. The children then cluster about the room tearing through the boxes of ornaments, both store bought and home/school-made. Every parent has those few treasured ornaments made by our children from preschool through elementary school, some are beautifully created, others well…let’s just say they are that much more special to the parents who own them than to anyone else.

Next is the garland that will adorn the mantle and the staircase railing with the dozens of red velvet bows. Once those are detangled and laid out on the floor, they are plugged in with vague hopes that they will work again this year and of course, they do not. So once again, another trip to the store except this one comes at about four times the cost of the first one!

Needless to say, by the time the tree is decorated, the stockings hung and the house overflowing with holiday cheer a strong glass of eggnog is required. Yet, for all the headaches, the tears and the frustration…all on the part of the parents, it is always worth it when evening rolls around, the fireplace is roaring and all the Christmas lights are twinkling and hopefully…outside little white fluffy flakes are drifting about.

Tis the season…