Writing for a Living…

Choosing a career that has such a fine line between genius and insanity is in itself, insane. But I’ve never been what others would call normal anyway. I’ve always sang my own songs, colored outside the lines and refused to follow the crowd. I truly believe that being like everyone else is boring and there is nothing worse than being boring except perhaps, ordinary. Ordinary is death.

Of course, there are perks to being a writer. I get to live outside the paradigm, sleep until noon and write until 4am. I spend more time in a world of my own creation than in reality, and I get to shape and mold the individuals I spend the majority of my time with. I get to spend my days writing in my pajamas and listening to 80s bands like I’m sixteen years old again. And having three sarcastic teenagers, for a writer, is the golden goose of all drama havens. If you are interested in learning more, check out this dan brown masterclass review for a witing lesson.

Throw in their friends, the boyfriends/girlfriends and a house full of mischievous pets and it’s a recipe for YA fiction. They provide me with an endless cast of characters just screaming to be immortalized.

I love to write, I always have. For as long as I can remember it has been my passion, my love. There is something so immensely soothing about it. When I was younger I used it primarily as an escape hatch when reality was difficult or mundane. The first draft of Essence was written over the summer of 2009 after I had just completed my BS. I was supposed to be relaxing before I started graduate classes in the fall but after a couple weeks of gardening and cleaning, I got bored. And I do not do well with idle time on my hands.

Essence was initially never written for publication. I wrote it just for fun out of the antics and dynamics surrounding my own teenagers and their friends. The majority of the characters are based on real individuals in my life either now or in the past. Of course, their names have been changed, and personalities altered a smidge to fit the premise which of course, was a figment of my imagination. But I had so much fun writing about them and creating the word in which they reside. I still do.

I live in a home where a tantrum is thrown because someone else ate the last chocolate fudge pop tarts, comes unglued because someone forgot to charge the battery pack for the x-box controllers, or has a complete meltdown over something not being put back in its place after being used. It can be quite humorous and exhausting… Did I mention all the above is my husband and not my teenagers?

Listening to my children talk about their days and all the melodrama it entails is confounding. I hate to admit it, but they got their individualism and sarcasm honestly. I mean really, you tell one girl who’s gone on two dates (and I wouldn’t even call them dates) with your son that she can’t come in your house without a flea collar and you’re the one who gets the reputation as a Bitch. That seems a bit harsh, especially considering the source. If any mother had seen this…well, they would have said the same thing. After all, I love my home and family and keeping it free of insects and parasites is part of my job description, right!

I love sitting down with a blank screen and decorating it with the capers and humor that waltz so readily through my door. Utilizing every parcel in my pantry is a tasking and rewarding way to spend my time. I absolutely love it and could never imagine going back to the nine to five routine.

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