The Handwritten Letter

In today’s fast-paced world of instant gratification of sending text messages and emails that are received within moments by the recipient we have forgotten what it means to discover amongst our daily carnage of mail…the handwritten letter.

Eight months ago I made the move from small-town Indiana to Phoenix, Arizona. Sure I missed my home, but above all, I missed my friends and family. During the summer months I was settling into my new life and didn’t have much time to be homesick. I have learned my way fairly well around the city that is three times the size of the one I knew like the back of my hand (yes, I still get frequently lost, but have learned major streets and try desperately not to use my GPS to force me to LEARN my surroundings), fall has bloomed gloriously across the Midwest and I find myself yearning for home.

Striking Out Cancer Ladies Softball Tournament, 2014. Angela & Teresa
Striking Out Cancer Ladies Softball Tournament, 2014. Angela & Teresa

I mentioned as much numerous times on social media when my friends from home have shared pictures of the blazing fall colors. But nothing, nothing can compare to what I received when I came home from work yesterday evening. I found amongst my mail an envelope with a handwritten address on it from my hometown. My close and dear friend, Teresa sent me a beautiful card. Inside it was a simple heartfelt note letting me know she was thinking about me, missing me, and wanted to make sure I was doing well. And as a small gesture of love she included a couple red and gold leaves from the trees in her yard. Her humble act made me smile and then brought me to tears.

Receiving emails and texts are sweet, but nothing can compare with a handwritten letter from a childhood friend that knows you at your best, has seen your worst, and is still there beside you. Never forget that an unassuming random act of kindness can warm the heart of the recipient in a way that can never be expressed with words. It’s those little things in life that matter so much more than the big ones. Those that brighten your heart, lift your spirit, and remind you that even though you’re a thousand miles apart, your friendship endures and prospers in our hearts.

Thank you so much, Teresa!! You gave me the best gift I could have asked for in these long months since I left home. You sent me a little piece of home to me and I will press them, along with your heart touching, handwritten, words into an album that I will keep forever. I love you dearly and miss you bunches!! And just remember, my door is always open. So when you get tired of shoveling snow this winter, come on down and bask in the desert sun for a while!

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