Spring in Indiana

Like a large portion of our country, we have suffered a particularity harsh winter this year. We were hit with storm after storm and more inches of snow than I care to count. We went from negative double digits with a wind chill that burned the skin to days filled with gray skies and no warmth in the air. During the few days of above freezing, our roads erupted in large craters that turned our roadways into a Mario Kart course. Spring felt leagues away and long before Valentine’s Day, everyone was sick and tired of winter.

Last weekend we finally reached the mid-fifties, the sun came out and people began to emerge from their winter slumber. Birds took flight overhead once again and little buds began sprouting on bare tree limbs. Bikes found their way back to the streets, dogs came out walking their people and baseball mitts were dusted off once again.

But of course, Mother Nature is a temperamental bitch who has been off her meds since she got ticked off a couple years ago giving us a wicked draught. She gave us four glorious days of spring weather to tease us with before plunging us back into the artic. Yesterday, according to the temperature gauge on my truck, we reached a high of 71˚ F. I was driving around the city with my windows rolled down and my hair flowing in the breeze. I opened the windows in my house for the first time this year and let the dead air of winter escape. My husband and I walked almost four miles last evening talking about our day and enjoying the vivid colors of the setting sun.

Sometime during the wee morning hours, Mother Nature jerked the rug out from beneath us once more. I woke up to the sound of rain pounding down upon our roof and the wind howling through the trees. By the time the sun woke up, the temperature fell and big fluffy flakes blew in sideways with teeth barring. The meteorologist announced on the twelve o’clock news that we have a whole 8˚ F to look forward to by tomorrow morning.

I find it amazing that in the short span of 24 hours, those of us in the Midwest have experienced all four seasons in succession. I don’t know if I would consider this the effects of Global Warming or just a fluke of Mother Nature dealing with a psychotic break from abruptly stopping her depression meds, but I can say I’ve had quite enough of her mood swings!

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