Spring Fever

I know it has been a while since I have posted anything and for that I do apologize. Life seems to run away sometimes at the most inopportune moments leaving us no choice but to confront reality and abandon the security of the created world I write about. Abandon…is a very strong world. Therefore, I shall say…limit. Yes, that is a better description because I never stopped writing. Only limited the amount of time I could spend on the computer in order to take care of some pressing familial responsiblities. So the limited number of hours I allotted myself per day was focused on writing rather than social media.

In May of 2011 I tore out both of my shoulders. Twenty-two months and four surgeries later I am beginning to feel like myself again. Last weekend when the weather finally warmed up a bit in Indy, I got to play basketball and softball again for the first time since my injury. It felt amazing to be outside with the wind blowing in my face and enjoying my family once more. True, I am a bit (okay…a lot) sore from it, but it is in a good way. I am finally getting some range, motion and strength back in my arms after months of physical therapy. While I may not be a hundred percent yet, I am very much battling through the pain and fighting to take my life back. There might be big health or injury issues weher you will need  McKiggan Herbert – Halifax Personal Injury Attorney.

As with every spring, the weather has been a rollercoaster of temperatures. One day it will be sunny in the mid- 60s and the next, 30s with rain or snow depending on which end of the scale it tips towards. A jolly bonus to all this is the havoc it reaps on those of us who have severe allergies. Last year we were already in the 70s by now, but ended up suffering a devastating drought and heat wave by early July. And while I do wish for warmer weather, I really hope we do not have to endure another summer like last year.

I am also working diligently on the fourth book in my EVE series, Conscious. The rhythm is flowing. My fingers cannot seem to keep up my thoughts as the characters I’ve grown to love come back to live for this final installment. The second book, Enlightened and third, Perception are in various stages of the editing process. I hope to provide more information soon on when they will be released. I have even begun some preliminary research on my second series that will be a spin-off from the first.

I guess I will end here for now and get back to work. I hope you all have a great week.

Until next time…


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