“Fantastic! Love this storyline. It sucked me in from word one. Brilliantly written. I felt as if I was living alongside the characters. Can’t wait to read the next book!” Jennifer Curran USA,
“I am thrilled that Essence is a series. The story creates a fresh and interesting perspective on the application of time travel in an exciting and romantic sci-fi book. This author has the wonderful ability to bring characters to life! Each person has unique descriptions and traits and as they interact they are clear distinct people in your mind. Waddington’s descriptions of the eras and scenes are so vivid that while reading this book all my senses seemed to become engaged. Although a young adult book, any reader of any age group will be be swept away into a world of young romance, spirited characters and a mysterious time traveling capability. I am awaiting the next book with eagerness!” Patsy Urban USA,
“An amazing page turner. Essence by A.L. Waddingtion was a great read. The characters are realistic and relatable. The concept was so intriguing and captures the imagination of the reader. I would highly recommend this new author. Essence will allure the interest of many individuals and keep them wanting more.” Shippmen USA,
“A great book with a cool concept. This is a fascinating book with a concept that is done is such a way that it is fresh and new. The story will stick with you for years to come. Its well written and wonderfully done. Its such a fun read!!! I highly recommend it. It also makes a great gift to any young reader or college student.” L.A. Modesto, CA
“Essence completely caught me off guard. I wasn’t sure what I was expecting, mainly because this was the first book I could find by this author, but let’s just say I can’t wait to read more. The story draws you in and holds you until the very last page leaving you hungry for more. Her characters are so REAL and it felt like I was hanging out with my own friends. Jocelyn is so down-to-earth and Jackson is so completely irresistible! I wish he would move in across the street from my house! Plus, William and Ethan remind me so much of my brother’s and how we interact with each other. Still, I love the idea of EVE and how A.L.’s version of time travel is so unique compared to everything else. It’s the closest I’ve come to too something that’s
plausible. I highly recommend this book to everyone!!”
P.B. United States,
“A friend of mine got me this book for Christmas. She gave it to me two
days ago and I just finished it. I couldn’t put it down! I absolutely
loved it!! It has everything from romance, suspense to captivating
characters. A.L. Waddington is one of the best new authors I’ve
stumbled across in a long time. I cannot wait until the next book
comes out!!”
Z.W. United States,
“A.L Waddington’s book Essence is the best moving book I had ever read.
Once I started reading, it was hard to put down. It is one of those
books that you will enjoy and make you think “oh my god I wonder
what’s going to happen.” I just can’t wait to see what A.L Waddington
comes up with next.”
A.M. California, USA,
“I found the book very well written and hard to put down. All the
characters are really well defined and tend to draw you into their
lives. I must say I was very taken by the story and I am looking
forward to reading more in the series. HIGHLY RECOMEND!!!”
T.W. Indiana, USA,
“Though I have yet to finish the book, I have found myself getting lost in the words of Jocelyn Timmons. A.L. Waddington takes us on a journey
that not only lets you explore reality, but explore what’s possible
over plausible. This book is one in a million and I recommend it to
anyone who enjoys a good read and getting lost for hours on end.”
K.M. Georgia, USA,
“I truly enjoyed this book, very well written, relatable to a large
audience and I loved the characters, mainly Jenna. Many of them act
like my own friends do making them even more real. Essence was truly
amazing and easily one of my all-time favorites. I can’t wait for the
second one to come out!!”
J.M. Indiana, USA,
“This book was interesting enough that I didn’t want to put it down or
for the story to end. I am excited to get to the next one in the
series. It took me back to my high school days of first love and a
time I’ve always wanted to explore, and this author does that, can’t
wait to read more from A.L Waddington.”
Tracy, Coatesville, IN,
“LOVED this book! The author takes the reader on a fascinating journey
into Jocelyn’s world that feels so amazingly real! The characters are
easy to identify with and it was easy to get lost in Essence. I could
not put it down. Hands down the best new series to be released in some
time. And I was so happy there were no vampires or werewolves in it,
LOL How refreshing! I cannot wait until the second book comes out!!”
Sunshine, USA,
“A must read !! This is a great book for people that love something
different then vampires and wizards! It’s a very well written first
book of its series and I hope to read the rest. The story sucks you in
and makes for great late night reading and also makes you think about
what’s real and what’s not.”
bookshelfm73, USA, Barnes &
“A. L. Waddington has taken the basics of the human psyche and creatively morphed them into a narrative that is both familiar and jarring. Like Jocelyn, the reader is thrust back and forth between stable reality and uncertain fantasy. Waddington uniquely captures the tumultuous nature of adolescence: the maddening taste of first love, the conflicting urges of youth and maturity, the tortured struggle for one’s identity.Young readers will instantly relate to the challenges faced by the characters in ‘Essence’.” Kevin Rand, PhD , Department of Psychology, Purdue School of Science, IUPUI
“A. L. Waddington’s book is unique and interesting with characters I can relate to!” Caitlin A. Janus, Avon Middle School, Eighth Grade
“This is an entertaining book that captures the spirit of youth and makes you wonder if there is more to those moments of déjà vu than you thought.” Patricia Clark, PhD, Department of Biology, Purdue School of Science, IUPUI
“A very interesting look into our perception of reality and what happens when things suddenly are not what they seem. The world Jocelyn thinks she knows changes dramatically with the realization that she actually is living two different, but interconnected lives, in different times. As the boundaries between her two realities begin to crumble, she begins to question her own sanity. While reading the novel, one begins to ask the same question – “What exactly is our reality and how do we fit into the much larger scheme of things?”” Bethany Neal-Beliveau, PhD, Department of Psychology, Purdue School of Science, IUPUI

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