Marie, Bond Unbroken by Carol Farabee

Marie, Bond Unbroken

Written by Carol Farabee and published by Farabee Publishing was a captivating story that drew me in from the beginning. It contains all the elements of a must-read, from steamy romance, adventure, intrigue, and sexy, charismatic men. I found myself unable to put it down having to know what happens next. I highly recommend this book for everyone who looking for a sultry summer read while relaxing by the pool!!

Marie-Bond-Unbroken ebook coverSynopsis

 Sara Marie Drake is accused and found guilty of murdering one, Greg Martin. She escapes on her way to prison and after two years of hiding from the men after her she is offered a job in Australia.

She meets Ashton McCormick while in Australia, falls in love with him. She knows he wants answers but if she tells him the truth she fears he will turn her in to the police. Though a turn of events she tells him. He does not turn her into the police but marries her and takes her to his ranch for protection.

Ashton’s Lawyer, John Jameson and his friend, Ron Justin, team up to prove Marie’s innocence. John discovers that Marie’s brothers, Jayson and Charles have been gathering evidence on the witnesses and get a hold of the transcript of the trial for John Jameson.

It takes a year from the time Marie arrives at Ashton’s ranch until all charges against her are dropped. Through this year the story takes the characters though twists and turns Australia, Italy and England. It is not over until it is over.

Carol Farabee, Author

Carol Farabee, Author

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