It starts as a typical day at the office. But then you take a call from a new client and suddenly it’s no longer ordinary. A normal call such as this normally lasts maybe ten minutes, this one takes thirty because you slip off topic and find yourself smiling with curiosity and intrigue at the faceless, masculine, sultry, voice filled with humor and charm.

Fast forward six weeks, several professional encounters, a few text messages, and a lunch date was set. A lunch date that began at 12:30 on a Friday afternoon and lasted until five in the evening. Delicious drinks, amazing food, and outstanding conversation filled with laughter, slight flirtations, and subtle cues of interest.

We finally part, but before we do he walks me to my car and reaches down for my hand. It’s a small gesture that makes you grin like a thirteen year old bashful girl. The valet brings my car around just as he leans in and kisses me gently, tenderly, and asks me out for dinner … in a couple hours. I happily accepted.

I rushed home, slipped into the perfect little black dress, stockings, heels, and touched up my hair and makeup. I must have looked comical as my daughter stood there laughing at me acting as if I was getting ready for the prom. I was so nervous I kept dropping things and scurrying around looking for what I was holding in my hand. He seems to have that effect on me.

He picked me up at seven thirty and literally took my breath away when I opened the door. He looked so handsome in his dark blue collared shirt, perfect fit jeans, brown casual shoes, and a smile that burned in my cheeks. He is so stunningly handsome.

We headed towards Old Town Scottsdale and had dinner at the Pink Pony, followed by a stop at his friend’s place, The Rehab Burger Therapy, and finished up the evening at some quaint little bar. It was the most romantic evening. We walked around the town holding hands … talking, laughing. I was astounded by how much we are alike and how much we have in common. What felt like only minutes were in fact hours as time slipped away from us. Before we realized it the bars were closing and it was time drive home.

It’s amazing to me how quickly someone can change your world completely or rather change your view of the world and the possibility of something romantic in it. This incredibly sexy and charismatic man has turned me into a silly little school girl after only one date. I find myself trying to behave like an educated adult and am struggling greatly with it. He has turned me into a blushing teenager who wants to doodle his name on my notebook (oh, admit it, we’ve all done it before … even if it was 20+ years ago!). I have a crush!

The long walk to the door, inviting him in, curling up together on the couch and watching a romantic comedy until the sun comes up. Stolen kisses, heartfelt giggles, and tender embraces rounded out the perfect first date. I’m not saying this is anything because I don’t want to jinx it. But I will say I am happy … and hopeful.

And I cannot tell you how excited I am to see him tomorrow evening for dinner!

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