How Would You Respond to That?

In the last few weeks we have been posting little tid-bits and teasers in preparation for the upcoming release this summer of Making the Dean’s List, the second book in my With Honors series. The support I have received from my readers has been overwhelming. I love it when readers reach out to me and tell me how much they’ve enjoyed my book(s). And sometimes my readers say certain things that make me raise my eyebrows, such as this message that was left for me the other day on my Addison Winters, Author page on Facebook regarding the first book in my With Honors series, What I Really Learned in College.

“I’ve read your book twice and love it. But I will be sorely disappointed if Alex ends up with Mason’s dad. To me that would really make her a whore/ slut. I will not read the second book if that’s the way it ends.”

How would you respond to that?

Being a writer is a calling in life. It is not something one chooses to do. We do it because we HAVE to, because we would go stark raving mad if we didn’t. Our overactive imagination runs wild and seeks an outlet that causes us to jump out of bed in the middle of the night just to write down that scene that we had been struggling our way through. It is a burning passion that scorches our souls and demands to be heard.

That being said we do not get to pick what our characters do, say, or how they behave. Every character in every book/series that we write/create takes on a life of their own. They each have their own unique personality, quirks, talents, and appearance. Do we, as their creator, always agree with the things they do, things they say, or how they handle any given situation? No. But what we do have to do is be true to them and to their story. Because it is THEIR story, not ours. We are simply the medium they use for their voices to be heard.

So, when I receive a message such as the aforementioned I simply replied with; ‘I’m glad you enjoyed the first book’.

What else can I say?

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