Daughter of Darkness

The Daughter of Darkness by V. C. Andrews is an intriguing mystery that keeps the reader engaged as the story unfolds. The main character, Lorelei has an extremely unhealthy attachment to her father whom she still refers to as ‘Daddy’. It comes across as a twisted almost obsession. However, her sisters seem to have a worse case of it than her. Lorelei seems to be the only daughter who questions their very unconventional lifestyle. She has no friends, nor is she allowed to have any. She is prohibited from participating in any school functions and is almost guarded by her older sister, housekeeper and ‘Daddy’.

Lorelei is forbidden to have any interaction with boys, but during a ‘training exercise with a balance disc’ she meets Buddy (worse leading male name ever) and finds herself questioning everything she was ever told. She sneaks around to spend time with Buddy and it’s not long before she falls in love with his charming personality and boyish good looks. Which, of course, forces her to choose where her loyalties lay, with her family or her new love.

I enjoyed Daughter of Darkness. It was a quick read and entertaining. If you’ve enjoyed any of V. C. Andrews other novels, then you will want to read this one as well. It certainly falls in line with Andrews twisted perception of reality.