Phoenix, Arizona, USA – August 14, 2019

     Addison Winters is the writer of sexy, sultry, psychological adult romance sure to titillate the mind and stimulate the senses. She has earned a reputation for her witty realism, writing with substance, and as an author who puts her heart and soul into her writing. WHAT I REALLY LEARNED IN COLLEGE, and MAKING THE DEAN’S LIST, the first two books in her “With Honors” series, are available on Amazon and all major book retailers. Her latest sensual addition, MOUNTING DEUCE, the first novel in her “Heat of Arrest” series releases August 14, 2019.

     When asked what makes her new release unique; she stated “MOUNTING DEUCE is more than simply an adult romance novel. It’s a love story steeped in realism where everything is not perfect and magical because life isn’t. This is about two people who aren’t perfect, but discover they are perfect for each other – with several humorous realities of dating after forty.”

     Ms. Winters was born and raised in the Midwest. She has her master’s in military psychology and is currently working on her doctorate in industrial organizational psychology. She is an avid researcher and reader and when she is not lost in the world of her own creation, she is busy exploring the southwest region of the country. She is slightly addicted to coffee and after recently moving to Arizona, has a new-found appreciation for Central Air Conditioning.

     MOUNTING DEUCE is a sensual novel about the mishaps of dating after divorce, the comical joys children add to the mix, and the strain of finding time for each other. Ms. Winters captures the humorous side of online dating and shows how friendships can help maintain sanity. Told in first person, the author follows Arya Lucas along her journey in discovering the trials and tribulations of dating a law enforcement officer.

     Detective Deuce works in homicide for the Phoenix PD and attempts to balance a demanding career with being a single father and dating. His chance encounter with Arya alters their lives and enlightens their world. However, they soon learn that not everyone is thrilled about their budding relationship and will go to great lengths to end it.

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    Join Ms. Winters on August 21st 9:00PM – 10:00PM on the Reader’s Lounge hosted by Sweet & Spicy Reads. Here is your chance to get to know the lady behind the words, ask questions, and learn about her upcoming projects, and appearances along with a chance to participate in multiple giveaways. She will be discussing her latest release, MOUNTING DEUCE and her writing process on creating the second installment in her new “Heat of Arrest” series.

Releasing August 14th: Mounting Deuce ~the Heat of Arrest~

Arya Lucas finally had her life back. After a nasty divorce and moving across the country; freedom was finally hers and she was enjoying it to the fullest. Her small consulting firm was finally affording her the life she’d worked so hard to achieve. She had everything ― or so she thought.

With the urging of her best friend Arya joins a dating site with no desire to start a relationship with anyone, until she met Detective Deuce. The sexy law enforcement officer was unlike anyone she had ever dated and definitely not her type.

But his enticing blue eyes and smirky boyish grin drew her to him. His witty sarcasm was undeniably charming. He was compassionate, kind, and sexy. He held a sense of mystery and adventure that she had never experienced before. She never knew handcuffs could be so enticing.

But what she hadn’t counted on was his impact on her entire world. How one day she would wake up and find herself in a life she no longer recognized; and realizing she could not have been happier about it.

Still, is he worth risking her heart for?

Living the Thin Blue Line

     I have seen the articles all over the media from both sides about the Thin Blue Line. Some depict law enforcement officers as racists, bigots, and haters who only believe in violence. Others tell stories of proud officers who lost their lives while taking care of the communities they have sworn to protect and serve.

     As the wife of an 18-year Phoenix PD Homicide Detective, here is what I know. My husband served his country proudly during his five years in the United States Marine Corps. He has left the comfort of his bed many nights to take care of someone else’s family at the worst moments in their lives. His shirt has been drenched in the tears of loved ones who have lost sons, daughters, parents, friends. He has seen the worst of humanity as he stood over the broken bodies of small children and babies ― lives stolen to early from senseless violence.    

My husband has shed tears over the horrors he has seen. He has woken up many times during the night in a cold sweat from the terrors he has witnessed. This man has buried his colleagues/friends who were killed in the line of duty. This is a man who has missed countless special family events and holidays because he was called out to the scene of another senseless death, but still he is always there for his family and friends to help them and take care of them. I have watched him come home after working a scene for more than 24-hours, collapse into a deep sleep only to be called back out to another scene three hours later.

     I have also watched him carry his sick daughter to bed, spend countless hours helping her with homework, and cheer her on in everything she has participated in. I’ve seen him so exhausted he can barely keep his eyes open, but he still finds the strength to listen and smile as his little girl rambles on about her day at school.

     My husband has been beaten and broken, both mentally and physically because he chose to be a police officer. He has been battered, bruised, verbally and physically assaulted, disrespected, and spit on. But he pushes forward day after day, year after year, because he believes in his service and that he can make a difference. I know he does. He has the greatest strength of character of any person I know, and I could not be prouder of him. I am honored to be his wife.

     Like every profession, there are the good ones and the bad ones. Unfortunately, the few bad ones get all the publicity and their behavior reflects on all the good ones. And they are the ones who pay the price. My husband works long hours and is on call every four days because the department is so short-staffed. He has not had a raise in the last 10 years and still, he and his fellow officers, they proudly serve their communities and keep us safe. The sacrifices they make deserve and demand respect. May God bless all our officers and bring them home safely to their families so that they may protect yours another day!