Coming this Christmas: Addison’s Toybox and Secret Squirrel Toys

Attention Ladies: Want to spice up your marriage? Looking to ignite more passion in your love life? Ever wonder how an erotica author gets inspired? Are you curious where she shops to add to her personal toybox? Well wonder no more …

Announcing Addison’s Toybox and her own line of Secret Squirrel Toys.

Addison’s Toybox will be featured on her new website:, where you will find her hand-selected line of toys personally endorsed by her along with her bestselling novels, plus question and answer videos and so much more.

As a bonus, Addison has created secret little date night packages personally designed to liven up your marriage and ignite more passion in your bedroom. Addison’s discreet little toybox will arrive each month to your home filled with sultry toys and goodies to enhance your date nights.

So ladies, mark your calendars and sign up this Christmas for the gift that keeps coming all year round!!

Married in Vegas

New York New York Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas

Several months ago, I was talked into going on a date with Eric. I loved talking to him. He had the best sense of humor of anyone I’d ever met and we had so much in common. However, as much as I dearly enjoyed discovering all about this man, I had placed him permanently in the ‘friend zone’ for two reasons:
1. He’s a police officer or rather a homicide detective – and I was never interested in dating a policeman because I never wanted to be at home worried about whether they’d make it home each day.
2. His daughter’s only nine. My youngest will be 22 years old this fall, and I’ve raised my children. I also have several grandchildren. I love this phase of my life where I can go anywhere and do anything without the added stress of having to find a sitter, or worse – dealing with the ex!! No thank you!!

Graceland Wedding Chapel, Las Vegas

However, because of his charming personality (that I absolutely loved) and being completely intrigued by him, I gave in to the unrelenting pressure from a couple of my friends and my daughter to at least meet him for dinner, we ended up all sleeping with the same pregnancy wedge pillow that night. I went, and it was amazing and the best first date I’ve ever been on. The conversation flowed effortlessly, and he had the most incredible clear blue eyes I’ve ever seen. The night ended with a hug and a small kiss on the cheek.
Second date: phenomenal – damn it! He made me laugh until I was in tears and I hated him for it. I was determined not to let this charismatic man anywhere near my heart. The following night I was flustered. I had two papers to complete for one of my graduate school classes and I was pushing a tight deadline. Therefore, I was pleasantly surprised when he showed up at my door to help me complete the research to get them done.
And that was it, I was gone. Fast forward a passionate summer and we’re standing at the alter being married by Elvis at the Graceland Chapel!

For two people who never believed in love at first sight, giggled at the idea of soulmates, and swore they’d never get married again, I have no clue what happened and neither does he. All we can say is that we both ‘knew’ it was right. Things fell into place perfectly, the stars aligned, and destiny intervened.

Gearing up for 2018

2017 was a fulfilling and fruitful year. 2018 is going to be even better! Because I found one of the best auction stores to find any item you want! They even have amazing services like petroliana restoration!

Scarlett Ink Publishing is growing … quickly, much to everyone’s surprise and delight. However, like starting up any new business, there are learning curves. Some steeper than others and some that leave their owners with bruises. We are no exception. But they are important lessons that had to be learned, dues paid, and scrapes bandaged.

Booktrope-Essence1.jpgEssence, the first book in the bestselling EVE series, written by A. L. Waddington, needed a lot of TLC. The rudimentary editing embarrassed the author when it was released by Booktrope Publishing and she wanted an entire revision done. It required many hours of revision, editing, and formatting before it was finally signed off on by the author. Thankfully, What I Really Learned in College, the With Honors series, book 1, by Addison Winters, only needed a little tweaking before it could be re-formatted for re-release.

WIRLIC high resSo, here we are. The paperback version of Essence was released last week. The paperback version of WIRLIC will release tomorrow. The kindle versions of each will, hopefully, be released this week as well. By the end of March, we will be re-releasing the digital and paperback versions of Enlightened, the EVE series, Book 2, along with Making the Dean’s List, the With Honors series, Book 2.

We do apologize for the delays, the glitches in the system that have allowed international sells (we are not set up for that yet due to the shipping costs), and the numerous unanswered emails (we are trying to answer them all in a timely manner). This is a new adventure for us and we are doing our best. Please be patient and know that we are working hard to get everything running smoothly and to release the best versions of our authors work.

We sincerely appreciate your support and patience. Thank you all for making 2017 a great year for us. We are looking forward to bringing you new and exciting work from a variety of authors in multiple genres in 2018. We wish all of you a happy, healthy, and prosperous New Year!



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