Author Spotlight: Shelley Holt

An interview with Shelley Holt, author of Ready.Set.Connect 10 Easy Ways to Create Joy in Your Life Today


What inspired you to write your first book?

I always felt in my spirit, since college, that I would write a book. When I tried to come up with what it would be, I failed. Out of the blue, at the age of 45, I was led to type the words out and tell my story to help lead others to fulfilling and joyful lives.

Who would you most like to have a cup of coffee with? (Dead or alive)


I would like to have a cup of coffee with my grandmother. Her name was Dot, but I called her “Nan” and she died when I was about 12. I never got to know her deeply and I would love that opportunity. I know she didn’t try to learn to drive until she was in her 50’s… and she never did get the hang of it. She preferred others to take her.

What is your biggest pet peeve?

I like the bed to be made when I crawl into it at night, so I expect the last person out in the am to make it J

Tell us something quirky about you.

I have a super sniffer nose! I am a total smell person.   It can sometimes be a curse!

Favorite comfort food?

French Fries.

Five books that inspire you.

Funny enough, I’m not a book reader! I find my attention span won’t allow it. So I stick with magazine articles and online stories. That is why you will find my book written in a concise and “to the point” way…to keep readers engaged and hooked to want to get through the short 80+ pages.

Tell us the one most important thing about your novels. The one thing that makes them different from all other books out there.

The content is raw, the truth, and meant to inspire people to realize they are in control of creating their own JOY… through all of the ups and downs life brings.

Are your books available on Amazon or other digital retailers as e-books?

Yes, it is available on Amazon as an e-book.

What is your marketing strategy for your books?

We are diverse in our strategy. We are in some local bookstores and do social media to promote through it our business Best Life.   The majority has been grass roots – sending to radio personalities that cover certain topics and local 211 organizations; we often give out books to people we meet in every day life who would seem to benefit from finding more JOY in their lives. The goal of the book is to find it’s way into the hands of those who need the message within it. I am confident it will find it’s way to that one person who will propel it to a Best Seller.

What are you working on now? What’s next?

The next book is going to be Ready.Set.Connect BS Love – 5 Tricks to Have True Love (or something to that effect) – it will be the deeper story of the love my husband (Brandon) and I share (hence BS) and encourage people that they too can find and have their true love.

What is your advice to a new writer who is trying to get a publishing contract or thinking of self-publishing?

Research all of your options thoroughly and work with someone who can help publish and promote the book successfully.


Author Website

Excerpts from the Book Ready.Set.Connect 10 Easy Ways to Create Joy in Your Life Today

It took a long time to uncover the truths in my life. I want to save you this truth-seeking time, so you can have true and pure joy now. It is simple, free and it feels great. It is awesome. As I unveil my life, you might now relate to my upbringing, my friendships, my triumphs or my mishaps. In fact, you may not agree with some of my choices and decisions and that is ok. It will not matter how much alike or different my life experiences or choices are from yours.


I felt anger, but a good anger. I was going to advocate for my husband! I took the white board off the fridge and started writing, “Today, 8/8/14 I declare joy, happiness, peace, financial security and the everlasting love we deserve. Once again, God stepped in and brought me an angel.


I cannot predict what will get thrown your at you but I can assure you that all of us will walk through peaks and valleys throughout our lives. It is how you walk, how you think, and how you speak at each point that will determine how well, how quickly, how successfully you move forward.

Author Bio

Shelley knew she had faith but when that faith was tested repeatedly she found herself questioning why her? Why did she continue to receive joy in her life she did not feel she deserved? What was she doing that was so different from other people around her?

Ready.Set.Connect is a story of faith, love and joy. Through her candid and personal stories Shelley hopes others can see how they can create joy in their own lives. Some ways include have faith no matter what happens, find passion in everything, mean what you say, and be intentional.

For many years Shelley knew she would write a book. It wasn’t because she set this goal, but because of a feeling in her spirit. To her surprise the words and content came in June of 2013 in the midst of a frightening mental health scare for her husband. During this she heard God tell her multiple times that his health issue would be scary but over very quickly. During this time her fingers flew across the keyboard to create the book with the intent to share her experiences with others. Her goal is to help people understand how to walk through peaks and valleys of life, to experience joy, abundance and fulfillment at every turn.

It’s a choice. A part of the book is a Joy Journal and a 7-day challenge to start creating YOUR happiness and JOY today.

Shelley has more than 24 years of corporate business experience. For over a decade she has combined her business and aging expertise in a unique role as a Corporate Gerontologist and Director of Education at The Hartford Center for Mature Market Excellence. Shelley and her husband, Brandon, also co-founded Best Life – Life Coaching, LLC.   They are following their passion to elevate others by sharing their knowledge and experiences to promote others success in business, health, finances and spiritual growth. They want everyone to live their best life today.


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