Arctic Weekend

The little lights are twinkling, the stockings are hanging from the mantle above a roaring fire, and the mantle is covered in twinkling greenery intermixed with porcelain Santa’s and Snowmen, most of which are handmade by my children in years past. The Holiday season has officially arrived.
The tree is covered in sparkling lights, red and gold ornaments scattered with ones made throughout the years by my three beautiful children, and various flavored candy canes with new flavors added by my daughter with each trip we make to the store. So far, we have Red Hots, Smarties, and Spree flavored candy canes and I know this is just the beginning. Metallic red bows trimmed in gold are wrapped loosely about the tree followed by trails and trails of shiny red beads. We have numerous little penguins and Spongebob’s in silly styles and positions for my youngest daughter, little Pooh Bears and Tigger’s for my oldest daughter and snowmen and Santa’s for my son.

DaVinci snow fox

The temperature plummeted, snow is on the ground and we are still seventeen days from Christmas. In the last three days we’ve been blanketed with about six inches of snow and now it is coming down heavily again. Christmas is in the air. It is beautiful to look upon through the window as long as you don’t have to drive in it. One member in our family is particularly thrilled about the frigid weather, our three year-old Miniature American Eskimo Spitz, DaVinci. He absolutely loves this type of weather. For the last several days he has been driving us bonkers about going outside. Every fifteen minutes, it seems, he wants to go frolicking about in the backyard only returning to the backdoor when his coat is completely soaked. He warms himself by the fire for a few minutes, and then the little snow fox gets stir crazy once more.

He has sort of the lather, rinse, repeat mentality of the situation.

The plan for today is to relax in my comfey’s, watch the second season of Grey’s Anatomy on DVD on the couch with a blanket and my laptop and work on the fourth book in my EVE series. My daughter, who is supposed to be working on her homework on her laptop but is, as last glance, talking to her friends on facebook, is sitting across the room from me in similar attire. The Christmas lights are glowing, the fire is roaring, it is going to be a wonderful day.

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