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Who are my readers?
Bestselling Author, A.L. Waddington’s EVE Series on sale right now. 4 books in the series with the 4th releasing last week. Book1, ESSENCE $14.95. Book 2 ENLIGHTENED $15.95. Book 3 PERCEPTION $16.95 and her JUST RELEASED Book 4 ILLUMINATION $16.95. This is Young Adult and is read for 13 to 60yo’s.
Free shipping on any order. Buy the set and you pay only $55.00 to your door. There are a limited number of sets, so PM me what you want. I have a business square through J.A.K. Inc. and can take Visa/MC/DISC/AMEX.
ALSO, A.L. Waddington writes a little sultry style soccer mom stuff in the erotica category under the name of Addison Winters. Her book “What I really Learned in College is available as well. Cover price is $15.95 with free shipping. Her next book, “Making the Dean’s List” releases Black Friday Nov 27th.

Author Signing: Illumination, the EVE series, Book 4

Bead & Berry Coffee House

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Indy Reads Books

Valentine’s Day is a time for celebrating those we love and what we love. A. L. Waddington loves her readers and appreciates all they have done to help support her work. Therefore, she wants to say one last final farewell to her Indy audience before she says good-bye to the Hoosier state. Join her at Indy Reads Books on Valentine’s Day from noon to four and help her support the amazing work they are doing to promote literacy in Indianapolis. She will be doing a brief reading at one and is there to answer any questions you may have. So, grab a copy of one of her books, get it signed, have a Valentine’s treat and help us give her a proper Hoosier send off!!

See you there!