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Unfortunately, due to the global pandemic, Covid-19 – life as we know it has been put on hold indefinitely!

Hopefully, 2021 will bring us all much needed happiness, normalcy, and prosperity! I look forward to seeing you all soon.


Book Release of Mounting Deuce

Mounting Deuce, the Heat of Arrest series, Book 1

Arya Lucas finally had her life back. After a nasty divorce and moving across the country; freedom was finally hers and she was enjoying it to the fullest. Her small consulting firm was finally affording her the life she’d worked so hard to achieve. She had everything ― or so she thought.

With the urging of her best friend Arya joins a dating site with no desire to start a relationship with anyone, until she met Detective Deuce. The sexy law enforcement officer was unlike anyone she had ever dated and definitely not her type.

But his enticing blue eyes and smirky boyish grin drew her to him. His witty sarcasm was undeniably charming. He was compassionate, kind, and sexy. He held a sense of mystery and adventure that she had never experienced before. She never knew handcuffs could be so enticing.

But what she hadn’t counted on was his impact on her entire world. How one day she would wake up and find herself in a life she no longer recognized; and realizing she could not have been happier about it.

Still, is he worth risking her heart for?

Barnes and Noble Modesto Promenade Shopping Center

So excited to visit my California readers!

February 29th from 2PM – 4PM

Join us for Q&A, a reading, and signing. If you are in Northern California, drop by and say Hello!

3501 McHenry Ave

Modesto, CA  95356

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