Goose and the Danger Zone

He opened the truck door for me after taking me out for sushi (I have never had it, nor will I again, but it was fun to try something new). I climbed into the seat carefully as I was wearing a sundress and heels. He paused while I rambled on about the Grad school class I’m currently taking. Feeling self-conscious, I stopped talking. He leaned in and kissed me softly, sweetly. And there it was – butterflies!

We have spent countless hours talking on the phone; even once talking through the night. He made me feel like a silly teenager again; laughing and giggling through the night. I love his sense of humor. We have so many shared experiences, grew up in the same period, and love the same music. Our histories are the same, yet very different.

Starting over again in the dating world after a divorce is frightening, challenging, and horrifying … on a good day! I took some time away from it; to go back to school, to heal, to figure out what I wanted. And it helped a lot. I wanted to feel comfortable in my own skin. I wanted to make sure I didn’t make the same mistakes I did in the past. It takes two to make a successful marriage, and two to make it fail. It’s not always the easiest thing to admit, but the honesty does make a difference in how you perceive yourself at the end of the day.

Road trip – perhaps a little earlier than expected, but occasionally you must throw caution and common sense out the window. He drove, I rambled; which I tend to do when I’m nervous and nervous doesn’t even begin to describe how I was feeling. I was nauseated and dangerously dehydrated the entire trip. I had to remind myself several times that he was not a serial killer who was going to rape and dismember me tossing my remains out in the scarce desert we were surrounded in. I had to put my trust and faith in my gut and my gut told me he was unique, kind, silly, with a heart of gold.

And I discovered he is all that and so much more. I learned he was just as nervous and self-conscious as I was. Instead of a romantic getaway, we spent the night laughing and talking; getting to know each other. He was quick to laugh, even quicker with his sarcastic remarks, and I discovered he could even be vulnerable. His softer side was truly enticing. He is a rare gem!

I learned a few important elements about this quick witted, intelligent, movie savant. One; to keep my hands and fingers a safe distance from the chips and salsa if I want to keep them intact. Two; he could make me laugh until I was in tears and my sides hurt. Three; he gets bashful when his soft-bellied underside is showing. And finally; that at the very least, I’d made an incredible friend!

Could he be so much more??!!! I suppose time will tell…

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