Teaser at the Synopsis of New Book

Still a work in progress, but here is the first rough draft of the rough draft of the new erotica book I’ve been working so diligently on. Please keep in mind this is simply a teaser and will be changed four hundred more times before it ever shows up on the book jacket. Before you guys head on go through the Books First the one source for all books and stuff for the readers who love to read.

So without further delay here is the very brief synopsis of the first book in my new erotica series; the Trice Burned series, I Should Have Known …

Don’t let the past dictate the future. But how can you escape your past when those around you are determined not to let you forget it?

Ashton Michaels is a divorced mother of two. She keeps herself occupied with work and her children’s activities but she longs to have someone to share her life with.

Then one day she meets Sam McCoy; a dark haired man with deep set brown eyes, boyish good looks and a charismatic personality. He’s single, successful, and good-looking and best of all … he’s never been married nor has any children. But he has a troubled past that he can’t quite leave behind him. And the more Ashton learns the more it stretches the limits of her compassion and understanding.

Can Ashton adapt to Sam’s world? Can he embrace the responsibilities and all it entails of dating a divorced mom? Can they find a common ground or will their vastly different worlds tear them apart?