Black Roses

Dark shadows creep across the land
Engulfing, consuming, embracing
All that we once shared
Your poison fills my veins
Fog covers my eyes
Leaches out the light
The world becomes a gray haze
The bite that once tasted so sweet
Only leaves the bitter residue of your venom
Bare trees sway and break
Under the coarse brisk winds
Roots are ripped and severed
No harvest will be reaped this season
The once fertile fields
Have become barren under your touch
The path of destruction
You felt behind in your wake
Will never be the same again
Soot covers all that is felt behind
Of what you looked into my eyes
And called love

black rose piano

The Writing Game

Writing is an art form and words are not always a compliant medium to work with. Just ask any writer. Some days they flow as smoothly as a steady calm spring through our fingertips onto the screen. Others … well a hurricane seems like a mild translation in comparison. On these days in particular it is recommended we simply walk away, clear our minds, then head back into the storm and hope that blue skies are there to greet us.

As most people know I write in two diverse genres. A large majority of my readers don’t seem bothered by this fact and almost all have commended me for it. However, I have gotten some upsetting emails from readers who cannot believe that someone who can create such imaginative and engaging young adult novels and can then turn around and write erotica (aka soccer mom porn). Others have even asked me why I would want to do it? Or isn’t one genre enough?

The answer is quite simple really … one gives me a break from the other. Plus, I dearly love writing both. At any given time if you checked my laptop you will see I have a minimum of two Microsoft Word files open. Currently, I have four. Yes, four different novels that I am working on. And depending on my mood, dictates which gets my attention for the next several plus hours.

Obviously, there is the first book in the spin-off from my EVE series, Transcendence, the Spirit Quest series, Book 1. Plus, the third and final book in my With Honors series, Transferring Credits. And the first book in my new erotica series, the Trice Burned series, I Should Have Known, and my first single YA fiction novel, My Life Through You. All are at various stages of production and at this moment I cannot say which one will be completed first. But at this moment, Transcendence is in the lead.

I realize for most writers this would be insane. Almost all of my friends who write tell me my style of writing would drive them batty; that they have to focus on one storyline at a time or they’d lose their train of thought. But for me, it works. And it wouldn’t be the first time I have done things differently. Or as my former professor likes to refer to me as ‘eccentric’ (I take that as a high compliment). I have always walked to the beat of my own drummer.

As I have become more and more involved within the literary world and met more and more authors, I can say that we all do things differently. Not one of us follows the roadmap set by those who have come before us. I have learned that in order for us to find our voice, we must first find the words to express our voice loudly enough for the world to hear. And in order to do that, we must find the style that gets our creative juices flowing and allows our imaginations to run freely.

So if you want to be a writer, listen to the advice given by those who have come before you; take it to heart. But more importantly, don’t think of working either inside or outside the box … instead, create your own box or better still, kick the freaking box to the curb and make a nice little circle for yourself, pour a cup of coffee or whatever beverage you thrive on and jump in with both feet! It all begins with desire and passion for the love of words …

cropped 2

“Being ordinary is boring, and boring is death.”
~A. L. Waddington

Inspiring a Writer

It’s been no secret that the second book in my With Honors series, Making the Dean’s List, is long overdue its original release date. My endearing family at Booktrope Publishing have been most sincere and understanding in regards to “it’s hard to write erotica when you’d rather hit your spouse with the iron skillet than cook him dinner.” Writing erotica does require a balance of imagination and inspiration and going through a divorce for the last 15 months creates neither.

Fortunately, time, clarity, new beginnings, and inspiration found me and Making the Dean’s is now in print layout. And I’ve even made progress … more than expected actually … on the final installment, Transferring Credits. It’s astounding to me how sometimes the smallest, subtlest, change in your life by allowing someone to become a part of it, can inspire you to put pen to paper.

Making the Dean's List, the With Honors series, Book 2
Making the Dean’s List, the With Honors series, Book 2

As you will see in the dedication of Making the Dean’s List; “For the sexy man with piercing hazel eyes, a silky voice and who knows just how to fully enjoy twilight in the desert … ” this man, in the last few months, has brought true romance back into my life and set the foundation for which my main male character is based on. He has proven to me that romance is alive and well and that the grand gesture is not a long forgotten action from yesteryear. He has shown me that there are true genuine men out there that keep their word … a rarity indeed!

And then Saturday evening as we waltzed across the dance floor at the W in Tempe, in the candlelit room filled with couples, he held me close, kissed me passionately, and whispered he was up for the challenge of inspiring me to write many more erotic novels!!!

We shall see …

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