Beautiful Creatures

I just finished Beautiful Creatures by Kami Garcia & Margaret Stohl. I borrowed it from my daughter’s ever growing library that also serves as her bedroom. I picked it up more out of curiosity than anything else. I know numerous people who’ve read it and raved about the series, but hated the movie translation with a vengeance.

I’ve seen the movie…anyone with a teenage daughter has seen the movie. Whether its five minutes of it that you catch while they’re watching it and you’re busy with something else or if you’d actually bothered to sit down and watch it with them. Regardless of which, most are familiar with it. I’d actually sat down with my daughter and watched it shortly after it came out on DVD. And it was okay. Nothing epic by any means, but a ‘cute’ teenage movie I suppose. Better than some I’ve been ‘forced’ to endure, worse than others.

After the first chapter I knew why fans of the book series where so ticked off about the film. By the fifteenth, I was irritated myself. When I finished the book, I was shocked the authors had allowed the title and character names to be used for the film. Talk about a loose translation…this was by far the worst book to screen adaptation I have ever seen.

With the exception of a few character names, those that Hollywood deemed worthy to include in the film version, nothing was remotely similar…namely the plot of the entire series. Important characters, main characters, somehow disappeared before they ever made it on the silver screen. The dates were wrong, cast selected by someone who apparently didn’t bother to do research first, but then again, neither did the individual who wrote the screenplay. Key points were dismissed and the entire premise was forgotten. What a disappointment in Hollywood.

The book was good. It was a hundred times better than the film. I would recommend it to a friend. The storyline was original enough and it was told from the male leads point of view rather than most that are narrated by the female lead. I found myself drawn in more because of the differences, intrigued by them and dying to know how the story was intended to be told. I will definitely continue with Beautiful Darkness and so on to see how this forbidden love story unfolds. As for the film, I don’t think I could stomach sitting through that farce again.

Memorial Weekend

Happy Memorial weekend to everyone! This is a time to celebrate our brave men and women who defend our country and allow us to enjoy the freedoms we have. For that, I salute you all and am so proud of each and every one of you!!


I also would like to thank all their families for their sacrifices as well. Being the mother of a soldier myself I know how hard it is to allow our children to put their lives on the line and knowing that we are sending them off into harm’s way. This is never easy. I can personally attest to that.


Keifer & Alyssa
Keifer & Alyssa

My son, Keifer is a Cavalry Scout in the US Army. I could not be more proud of him for the amazing young man he has grown into. He has been in the military for 29 months now and it has changed him more than I ever imagined it could. The squirrelly teenage boy I watched leave for Boot Camp is all but gone and too be honest, a part of me misses that wild, impulsive, and carefree young man. But I am thrilled with the responsible, intelligent, determined, and strong young man that arrived at my house yesterday.


Keifer drove in yesterday from Fort Riley, Kansas and will be with us for the next 17 days. This is both a blessing and a curse, if you will. This is the time not for goodbye…but rather a time for ‘Until I see you again’. My son’s unit was called up and he is deploying the second week of June. And it’s killing me. The thought of my baby boy, my first born, my only son, heading into danger has given me more sleepless nights than I care to admit.


I still see the little boy who was always up so some mischief or other. The little boy with the white blond hair and a devilish gleam in his green eyes that caused his teachers so much grief because the loved making the other children laugh. The child who used my garbage disposal to play demolition with his hot wheels. I see the 3rd grader that adamantly defended his little sister on the bus when a boy was picking on her. I close my eyes and see the boy who loved playing football more than life itself and the years I spent on the sidelines cheering him on. But those days are gone. Now the young man that stands before me is a US soldier. And as my heart swells with pride, I know, I must let him go…I have no choice.


Keifer (center) in the field with his buddies
Keifer (center) in the field with his buddies

So, while you’re enjoying this Memorial weekend, cooking out with family and friends and watching the Indianapolis 500, raise a glass and toast all those brave soldiers in arms, past and present, and their families for all the sacrifices they make every day to give us all we have. They are the  true heroes in this country and that demands our respect and pride! For them, I salute you and love you with all my heart!!

Calendar says it’s May…

Sunday morning, May 18th or so the calendar says. Somehow I think someone forgot to inform Mother Nature. I woke up to a balmy 44F this morning and the weatherman says we should reach a high today of 65F. It’s May for crying out loud!!

Winter just doesn’t seem to want to loosen it’s grip on us this year. Yesterday I went shopping for a new outfit to wear to my daughter’s graduation from High School in a couple of weeks and I had to throw on my winter coat. That’s one thing about the weather in Indiana, if it’s anything, it’s unpredictable and moody on a good day.

~A. L. Waddington, Author