Teachers Comments

These are actual comments made on student’s report cards by teachers in the New York City school system. All teachers were reprimanded.

1. Since my last report, your child has reached rock bottom and has started to dig.
2. I would not allow this student to breed.
3. Your child has delusions of adequacy.
4. Your son is depriving a village somewhere of an idiot.
5. Your son sets low personal standards and then consistently fails to achieve them.
6. The student has a “full six pack” but lacks the plastic thing to hold it all together.
7. This child has been working with glue too much.
8. When your daughter’s IQ reaches 50, she should sell.
9. The gates are down, the lights are flashing, but the train isn’t coming.
10. If this student were any more stupid, he’d have to be watered twice a week.
11. It’s impossible to believe the sperm that created this child beat out 1,000,000 others.
12. The wheel is turning, but the hamster is definitely dead.

Can you believe a teacher could get so frustrated that he would say these awful things to a child’s parent? I am still human, I could not help laughing out loud. A teacher should educate students and maybe should use common core sheets rather than making mean comments about them.

My Inspiration for Essence/The EVE Series

Throughout my undergrad studies in psychology, I took various courses on perception, motivation, mental health disorders, and neuroscience to name a smidge of them. I found them extremely intriguing, how the brain processes information and uses that data to build a unique perception of the world around us. I wrote numerous research papers on Schizophrenia and the effects caused by the disorder.

When I first began writing Essence and the concept of Essence Voyager Era (EVE) I had to find a way to make the series plausible. In order to do so I had to link it with something common yet well hidden at the same time. Thanks to my social psychology professor, we had been enlightened to the obvious decline of the familial structure. Things that we think of as commonplace, such as divorce and distance amongst families were unheard of a mere fifty years ago. I pulled my research from the wide array of training throughout my undergrad studies and combined it with the often humorous antidotes brought about by my three teenage children and the constant presence of their many friends.

Utilizing all my resources, my series theorizes that with the inherited gift of EVE the individual possess the ability to live parallel lives on two separate planes of existence. Jocelyn discovers that throughout childhood and early adolescence, a barrier remains intact at the conscious level to prevent awareness of the other life from crossing each other. However, during late adolescence to early adulthood, the barrier between the two worlds begins to disintegrate causing the auditory and visual hallucinations of their other life to break into conscious awareness of which she experiences herself. These classic symptoms once recognized by a family member(s) who also have the gift, were throughout history, then guided by that family member(s) to adjusting to the disintegration of the barrier and full conscious awareness of living dual existences. Unfortunately with the decline in extended familial structure, family member(s) with the inherited gift are more often than not no longer present when the symptoms appear and therefore the individual is diagnosed with schizophrenia.

As the series progresses further information is shared and unveiled amongst extended family members. Hypothesis related to evidence hiding in plain sight are brought to light by an unlikely individual whom no one realized had the gift as well. It brings about new light and opens a whole realm of possibilities as to where the EVE series can venture and hopefully entice my readers.

My first published poem…Alone

Ever since I mentioned in a previous interview that I had a poem published years ago, back in 2003, I have gotten numerous emails from readers asking to read it. So, please humor me for a moment. Take a deep breath and envision a cold room, bright florescent lights beating down upon you and the smell of bleach burning your nose. There’s a gray overcast sky, a light drizzle is blanketing the world outside and time had ceased its forward motion. That was the setting in which this poem was written…Ninth Grade Practical Science Class!

This poem was not written out of some hidden teenage angst. I was not and am not glorifying suicide, not by a long shot… This poem was born out of sheer boredom, nothing more. The words fell together, more or less, because they rhymed. I wish there was some long, insightful message, but there isn’t. However, people have fallen in love with its mournful tone of a love lost. Please, do not misinterpret this or search for some hidden meaning…there honestly isn’t one. Take it for what it is…nothing more, nothing less.

With all that being said, here it is…


She stands there holding his picture,
Shaking and shivering.
Remembering the way it was.
Tears pour down her face with no end.
They could have tried to work it out,
Deep in her heart she knows.
She still loves him with all her heart.
Her whole world began with him.
Now that he was gone,
Her life was at an end.
She couldn’t go on living in the past.
Changing in her mind,
The day she never thought,
Would be their last.
She picked up the gun,
And the tears came harder.
Wishing with all her heart,
Someone would stop her.
She pulls the trigger,
Then falls to the floor.
A life without love,
She wouldn’t worry about,

Published in Sounds of Poetry, 2003
~Author, Angela L. Marsh

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